18 July, 2018

eROSA Final Foresight Roadmap Paper

8 June, 2018

eROSA Draft Foresight Roadmap Paper

11 December, 2017

2nd eROSA Policy Workshop Report

27 - 28 November, 2017

2nd eROSA Stakeholder Workshop

24 November, 2017

eROSA Position Paper at the EOSC Pilot Stakeholder Forum

15 November, 2017

eROSA Contribution to the EOSC Declaration

6 - 7 July, 2017

1st eROSA Stakeholder Workshop

31 March, 2017

1st eROSA Policy Workshop Report


The strategic goal of e-ROSA is to provide guidance to EU policies by designning and laying the groundwork for a long-term programme aiming at achieving an e-infrastructure for open science in agriculture that would position Europe as a major global player at the forefront of research and innovation in this area.

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