The strategic goal of e-ROSA is to provide guidance to EU policies by designing and laying the groundwork for a long-term programme aiming at achieving an e-infrastructure for open science in agriculture that would position Europe as a major global player at the forefront of research and innovation in this area.

Through a foresight approach, the project will build a shared vision of a future sustainable e-infrastructure for research and education in agriculture and make it operable through pragmatic recommendations that will be reflected in a common roadmap.

This will be achieved through a process of co-design, involving mainly research and education communities but also practitioners and EU policy makers, and will build on the existing projects, networks, international alliances or initiatives that the project will systematically map and integrate in the analysis of grand challenges ahead and the identification of priorities and solutions towards an open, digital and data-intensive science in agriculture.


specific objectives

    More specifically, the objectives of e-ROSA are to:

  • Bring together and establish a community of multi-stakeholders (agricultural science and education communities, operators of e-infrastructure services, policy makers) engaging at different levels (regional,national, European and global) to establish a strategic international dialogue and knowledge transfer between the research and education communities, industry & services, and policy makers, along with best practice exchanges, to shape a common vision of the future e-infrastructure for open science in agriculture;

  • Improve the knowledge base on the digital agriculture science and practices landscape, through a systemic and participative mapping of relevant teams, infrastructures, e-infrastructures, projects and networks, as well as current policies to identify strengths, weaknesses, complementarities, overlaps, requirements, gaps, barriers and opportunities to consider when defining priority challenges and developing recommendations;
  • Based on the shared vision, develop a foresight roadmap and promote its uptake by EU policy makers to shape a long-term agenda for e-infrastructures to support and facilitate data-intensive research and education for agriculture and food.

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