Advisory Board

The objective of the International Advisory Board (IAB) is on the one hand to provide external points of view on the project’s work plan so it brings maximum outcomes to the agricultural open science concept and, on the other hand, to serve as a key dissemination channel for project outcomes to facilitate project exploitation and impact.

The e-ROSA IAB members are in charge of:

  • Providing expert analyse and advice on e-ROSA’s activities, identifying state-of-the-art scientific knowledge as well as knowledge gaps relevant to the activities of the project;
  • Proposing changes to the direction of the project in line with stakeholder and end-user priorities for maximising the exploitation and mutual benefits from the uptake of the roadmap to be developed within the project;
  • Participating to the mapping exercise by completing the first ecosystem map;
  • Advising the GA on changes in societal and end-user priorities that may impact the project objectives and expected impacts;
  • Reviewing progress of the project annually (based on deliverables, periodic reports and annual meetings);
  • Supporting dissemination of project results in their respective institutions.

The IAB gathers key international experts in agriculture science and e-infrastructures implementation that ensure the scientific relevance of project orientations throughout its lifetime, as well as other actors (potentially) engaged in the development of a global interoperable e-infrastructure in agriculture (e.g. e-infrastructure services providers and users, civil society, etc.).